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Saturday, December 24, 2005

The Biggest Mistake as an Affiliate Marketer

From: Ryan

Dear subscriber,

You’ve heard people telling you that they earn thousands through the internet as an affiliate marketer. But many affiliate marketers tend to fail. I’ve know many affiliate marketers and am one myself. While climbing my way up the affiliate marketing “ladder”, I’ve personally come to know many affiliate marketers. I’ve studied those who failed as an affiliate marketer closely and I realized one BIG mistake that they have made.

What is the BIG mistake?

“Choosing The Right Affiliate Program. “

Yes, this might seem totally insignificant. Questions like:

Q. That is a total bullshit you’re telling me. It doesn’t matter if it’s a good affiliate program, a product is a product, I’m just going to simply pick one and choose one, just sell and earn. Who cares?

A: Oh my... My friend, there’s where you are wrong. Do you know that those who fail chooses affiliate programs that are well, (hopeless)?

2. I read / used (product name here), it’s a really good product. I’ve told my friends and they love it! But, its affiliate program has rather low commission compared to other programs. Should I join?

A: This is a no-brainer question! Of course it’s worth joining. You practically found “The Perfect Product” to promote there. Not to mention that most programs don’t even cost you anything to be an affiliate.

3. I’m going to try and promote EVERY single affiliate product that is out there. Is this going to help me become rich?

A: Haha.. EVERY SINGLE product? You must be kidding. Maybe even if you reach 50%, you’re going to go broke unless you have at least $50,000 to back you up. ;-) Also, as for your end result – that $50,000 you invested? It’s just as good as flushing it down the toilet bowl.

Remember, “A jack of all trades is the master of NONE”, never involve yourself in too many things before you even get one working.

As you may have noticed, to be successful as an affiliate marketer – Learn to choose the right products.

Here’s 4 steps that I have used personally and it works like a charm every single time for me. How do I know? The checks I receive every month and my bank account don’t lie.

Step 1: Find resources for affiliate products

To even begin with, you need to have an arsenal of affiliate products for you to promote. I won’t bother naming all of them here; it’ll be an absolute no-brainer. But here you’ll have a few websites you can go to when looking for affiliate products.

• – My personal favorite. Clickbank is what I like to call the affiliate product library. It almost has most of the affiliate products on the internet. Just sign up with Clickbank and you can start with the affiliate programs.
• – A well-organized directory with affiliate programs organized. They even have two-tier programs listed. (We’ll talk about this later on.)

For even more resources, you can go to and search for “Affiliate Programs” or related search terms.

Step 2: Look for affiliate products that suits you

You definitely find yourself being in an affiliate product directory, most probably Here’s what you are going to do:

Now, look through every single product personally. I suggest that you start with a product in a category of your personal interest. Look at those that interest you and go to their sales page. Here’s a few things that you would have to look for:

1. The Product Functionality – Ask yourself questions like “What does this product do?” and “Will anyone benefit from this product?”. These questions are definitely crucial when choosing an affiliate product.

2. The Sales Page – The original sales page would be important as most affiliate programs have you redirecting them to the original sales page using your affiliate link.

The attractiveness of the original sales page would actually determine the amount of sales that you’ll be getting – it is the final point before the visitors your redirected make the sale and put money into your wallet.

The number 1 question you should ask yourself when looking at the sales page is “Do I have the urge to buy the product after reading the sales page or is it something I would just plainly overlook?” If your answer is YES then probably the other visitors would say yes and vice versa.

3. The Price – This wouldn’t be a factor that is too important because people are willing to pay tons of money for a product that is GOOD. But sometimes a high price will draw away some potential sales but hey, you earn way more in commission per sale. That should be just enough to compensate for it.

4. The Commission – This is obvious, you earn more with more commission. ;-)

Step 3: Affiliate Program Bonuses

There are tons of affiliate programs with special bonuses. You don’t only earn through the commission per sale but you can also earn from extras like:

• Two-tier Programs – Affiliate Programs like these earn not only from your sales but the amount of people you’ve referred using your affiliate link. You even get a percentage from the total amount of sales made by the affiliates you referred, thus increasing your income without needing you to do ANYTHING!
• Bonus Commission – Some affiliate programs offers bonus commission to affiliates that are able to achieve a certain goal or target when promoting their products.

These bonuses are something you should look out for and they are not to be missed. You wouldn’t know how much you’ll be earning just from the bonuses alone!

Step 4: The Test-Try

It’s important to know what product you will be promoting. On the plus side, knowing whether a product is good or bad would determine how often refunds for the product will happen.

When I started out in the internet business, no one told me what product was good or bad. I simply had to try them all (there was a thirst for knowledge then, too.) I wanted to know more, so I bought the products. Much to my disappointment, some of them failed me. I felt as though I bought myself a pile of rubbish.

I then told Seth and some of my friends about it, they laughed at me for being such a blur case. “Why bother buying a product before learning about it?” That was what each and every single one of them told me. How could I be such an idiot to even not notice this? I could have saved myself some money (I did refund most of those products but failed to do so because of cheap, lousy guarantees and policies.)

Here’s something I would like to share with all of you. You should look for reviews and discussion forums about these products before buying it. And there you have it, an “affiliate product detection tool”!

Search for forums on what people think about affiliate products, search for them on search engines. Who knows you might find topics about X product like “X product is BULLSHIT!” or “X product is a total scam!”. You’ll find out about the flaws of the product easily.

If the product is really good (meaning no one said that it’s sucks), you should really consider taking some money out of your pocket and buy it. Who knows? You might learn a thing on too. As a bonus, you’ll know what product you’ll be promoting. (But remember to keep your “Bullshit Detector” on!) ;-)

And there you have it, my 4 steps to choosing the PERFECT affiliate product just for you. Apply these 4 steps when choosing a product and you can do no wrong! Remember, the perfect product will fill up your wallet faster than you think!

To Your Success,
Seth And Ryan


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