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Saturday, December 24, 2005

The Biggest Mistake as an Affiliate Marketer

From: Ryan

Dear subscriber,

You’ve heard people telling you that they earn thousands through the internet as an affiliate marketer. But many affiliate marketers tend to fail. I’ve know many affiliate marketers and am one myself. While climbing my way up the affiliate marketing “ladder”, I’ve personally come to know many affiliate marketers. I’ve studied those who failed as an affiliate marketer closely and I realized one BIG mistake that they have made.

What is the BIG mistake?

“Choosing The Right Affiliate Program. “

Yes, this might seem totally insignificant. Questions like:

Q. That is a total bullshit you’re telling me. It doesn’t matter if it’s a good affiliate program, a product is a product, I’m just going to simply pick one and choose one, just sell and earn. Who cares?

A: Oh my... My friend, there’s where you are wrong. Do you know that those who fail chooses affiliate programs that are well, (hopeless)?

2. I read / used (product name here), it’s a really good product. I’ve told my friends and they love it! But, its affiliate program has rather low commission compared to other programs. Should I join?

A: This is a no-brainer question! Of course it’s worth joining. You practically found “The Perfect Product” to promote there. Not to mention that most programs don’t even cost you anything to be an affiliate.

3. I’m going to try and promote EVERY single affiliate product that is out there. Is this going to help me become rich?

A: Haha.. EVERY SINGLE product? You must be kidding. Maybe even if you reach 50%, you’re going to go broke unless you have at least $50,000 to back you up. ;-) Also, as for your end result – that $50,000 you invested? It’s just as good as flushing it down the toilet bowl.

Remember, “A jack of all trades is the master of NONE”, never involve yourself in too many things before you even get one working.

As you may have noticed, to be successful as an affiliate marketer – Learn to choose the right products.

Here’s 4 steps that I have used personally and it works like a charm every single time for me. How do I know? The checks I receive every month and my bank account don’t lie.

Step 1: Find resources for affiliate products

To even begin with, you need to have an arsenal of affiliate products for you to promote. I won’t bother naming all of them here; it’ll be an absolute no-brainer. But here you’ll have a few websites you can go to when looking for affiliate products.

• – My personal favorite. Clickbank is what I like to call the affiliate product library. It almost has most of the affiliate products on the internet. Just sign up with Clickbank and you can start with the affiliate programs.
• – A well-organized directory with affiliate programs organized. They even have two-tier programs listed. (We’ll talk about this later on.)

For even more resources, you can go to and search for “Affiliate Programs” or related search terms.

Step 2: Look for affiliate products that suits you

You definitely find yourself being in an affiliate product directory, most probably Here’s what you are going to do:

Now, look through every single product personally. I suggest that you start with a product in a category of your personal interest. Look at those that interest you and go to their sales page. Here’s a few things that you would have to look for:

1. The Product Functionality – Ask yourself questions like “What does this product do?” and “Will anyone benefit from this product?”. These questions are definitely crucial when choosing an affiliate product.

2. The Sales Page – The original sales page would be important as most affiliate programs have you redirecting them to the original sales page using your affiliate link.

The attractiveness of the original sales page would actually determine the amount of sales that you’ll be getting – it is the final point before the visitors your redirected make the sale and put money into your wallet.

The number 1 question you should ask yourself when looking at the sales page is “Do I have the urge to buy the product after reading the sales page or is it something I would just plainly overlook?” If your answer is YES then probably the other visitors would say yes and vice versa.

3. The Price – This wouldn’t be a factor that is too important because people are willing to pay tons of money for a product that is GOOD. But sometimes a high price will draw away some potential sales but hey, you earn way more in commission per sale. That should be just enough to compensate for it.

4. The Commission – This is obvious, you earn more with more commission. ;-)

Step 3: Affiliate Program Bonuses

There are tons of affiliate programs with special bonuses. You don’t only earn through the commission per sale but you can also earn from extras like:

• Two-tier Programs – Affiliate Programs like these earn not only from your sales but the amount of people you’ve referred using your affiliate link. You even get a percentage from the total amount of sales made by the affiliates you referred, thus increasing your income without needing you to do ANYTHING!
• Bonus Commission – Some affiliate programs offers bonus commission to affiliates that are able to achieve a certain goal or target when promoting their products.

These bonuses are something you should look out for and they are not to be missed. You wouldn’t know how much you’ll be earning just from the bonuses alone!

Step 4: The Test-Try

It’s important to know what product you will be promoting. On the plus side, knowing whether a product is good or bad would determine how often refunds for the product will happen.

When I started out in the internet business, no one told me what product was good or bad. I simply had to try them all (there was a thirst for knowledge then, too.) I wanted to know more, so I bought the products. Much to my disappointment, some of them failed me. I felt as though I bought myself a pile of rubbish.

I then told Seth and some of my friends about it, they laughed at me for being such a blur case. “Why bother buying a product before learning about it?” That was what each and every single one of them told me. How could I be such an idiot to even not notice this? I could have saved myself some money (I did refund most of those products but failed to do so because of cheap, lousy guarantees and policies.)

Here’s something I would like to share with all of you. You should look for reviews and discussion forums about these products before buying it. And there you have it, an “affiliate product detection tool”!

Search for forums on what people think about affiliate products, search for them on search engines. Who knows you might find topics about X product like “X product is BULLSHIT!” or “X product is a total scam!”. You’ll find out about the flaws of the product easily.

If the product is really good (meaning no one said that it’s sucks), you should really consider taking some money out of your pocket and buy it. Who knows? You might learn a thing on too. As a bonus, you’ll know what product you’ll be promoting. (But remember to keep your “Bullshit Detector” on!) ;-)

And there you have it, my 4 steps to choosing the PERFECT affiliate product just for you. Apply these 4 steps when choosing a product and you can do no wrong! Remember, the perfect product will fill up your wallet faster than you think!

To Your Success,
Seth And Ryan

How I Get Everything Done Perfectly and On Time Too!

From: Ryan

Dear subscriber,

Being in the Internet Market or even in businesses real life, you will definitely know how bad things can be when you accidentally overlooked certain matters.

Not only that you might lose your job, little matters that are overlooked can cost you hundreds, thousands and even MILLIONS of dollars. Making mistakes like this is practically like flushing money down the toilet bowl!

I don’t know about you but I certainly would want to see myself being seen doing stupid actions like that!

Having a business partner is a definitely a valuable asset when it comes to online businesses. It can be actually depressing try to work all by yourself. While working with Seth, we often instant message each other about new ideas and work to be implemented into our projects and products.

Sometimes in the midst of working, I tend to overlook certain matters. Not only that it will show that I do not respect my partner (I really do though.) But also, my simple error caused the both of us many complications.

Here I want to talk to you guys about a system I set up myself to keep track of everything I do everyday and it doesn’t even cost me a single cent! Just 1-2 minutes of your time can actually save a lot of time you’ll be spending to fix the problems!

I call it the checklist system. Now Seth and I are progressing much faster when it comes to our projects and efficiency has increased!

( Don’t worry, I’m not going to promote a product here. In fact, here in Rich Life Discovery, we do not simply promote any products nor affiliate links! Only the elite products will be told. Just some personal, honest ideas that I thought I might be able to share with the members of Rich Life Discovery. )

How does the checklist system works?

This is how I do it:

It’s simple, really. Every day in the morning, I will create a notepad .txt file and name it “(Date here) Checklist” before I have my coffee. (Mocha Java anyone? ) Then, I will type everything I will be doing for the day in an organized list.

After that, I will start work with my cup of coffee beside my computer. To ease accessibility to my checklist, I saved it on my desktop. Seth and I will do the planning for the day and I’ll keep updating my checklist.

When I get something done, I’ll just type a “COMPLETED” beside the task. Often at the end of the day, I’ll see a whole list filled with “COMPLETED” tasks. You wouldn’t know the satisfaction that overwhelms you to see a list of “COMPLETED” tasks.

I’ll often say to myself, “Wow, I’ve done that much today!” And that keeps me motivated to work even more. Ever since the checklist system came into practice, I never lose track of what I have done and haven’t done! 

Here’s an extra you can add on to motivate yourself towards completing your tasks. Set rewards for yourself to motivate yourself towards completing your tasks. For example being able to watch a football game that night after completing all your tasks, or maybe quick game of online checkers after completing 5 tasks to ease your mind and get back to work after that!

Just one small action can benefit me that much. If it can do so much to me, I think that it definitely will to you too. Start putting it into practice, you wouldn’t know how much more efficient and faster your progress will be!

Remember, those who procrastinate will be the biggest losers.

To Your Success,
Seth And Ryan

Internet Marketing Alternatives

Membership Sites

“Do I really need to create an e-book for sale? Can’t I do some other things?”

Absolutely yes you can do many other things, you don’t need to necessarily create an e-book for sale. There are too many things out there you can do on the Internet! In fact, there are too much to list we’re embarrassed we can’t tell you everything.

Let’s have some examples:

You may be someone who’s very good in playing the piano, having a membership site to teach people how to master piano in a short time is a good idea. Maybe you know something about sky diving, sea diving, you know about mountain hiking, every each of them can be turned into a great money making opportunity.

A hobby usually, is excellent as more than half of the people who goes online every day are searching for information related to their hobbies. Membership sites are very profitable, we’ll explain why.

Let’s take a membership site for example, which teaches violin. Every week, you will only need to update step-by-step instructions where your subscribers can follow and learn.

Even if they know how to play the violin, they still need music pieces right? There are tons of music pieces out there. Updating 5-10 pieces of music you personally choose will probably be the only working routine for you each week.

After that, you can consider having a trip some where and enjoy yourself, Austria for some classical music, Disneyland in Florida, and come back the next week just for the sake of updating it! Well not really, you don’t need to return because having an Internet Business gives you the freedom to do it from anywhere, anytime – as long as you have a laptop with an Internet connection.

That’s all!

Nevertheless, you will need to do your very best to make the membership site worth while, people who are happy with your membership site will gladly become your recurring customers in the future.

The fundamentals are: you will need to sound special, you want yourself to be appealing to people, give them a reason why they must sign up for your membership site. It must be something different, that’s how your membership site will be preferred than music teachers.

For example, anyone who joins your membership site will get to learn the violin in 2 days,

“How can I start a membership site?”

There are many ways. Nevertheless, we would rather stay on to using paid membership scripts or companies which provide a membership system, trust us that’s the best way! You don’t want to waste a lot of time and effort to figure out how to get the membership system going.

We would rather pay a higher price for breads in Delifrance because they taste more delicious compared to the breads in other shops. Furthermore, we don’t want to risk having a stomach upset after our meals.

Same goes with the membership site, we would rather spend more money buying a membership script or paying for the service, run a neat and tidy membership site for customers so that they can have a nice experience in their process of learning, than confusing them with lots of unnecessary problems.

If you are interested in creating a membership site, a few of the membership scripts you can use are Interlogy and aMember, simply make a search on Google with the keywords “membership scripts” will get you all the results you need. You can even hire experienced programmers to write a membership script specially for you, and as for most of the professional Internet Marketers they use the service from VisionGatePortal. VisionGatePortal provides a very good membership system, hosting, as well as excellent support.

Physical Products

To achieve more success doing business online, we will need to jump into selling physical products.

This is not a secret, but it is the best step if you want to make a difference between driving a Chevy or a Porsche. If you are aware all along, Internet Marketers who are really successful lately have been coming up with their own physical products.

Here are little examples of the famous Internet Marketers which are making a fortune from their physical products: John Reese with Traffic Secrets, Jeff Walker with Product Launch Formula, Tim Knox on eBay, Yanik Silver with Underground DVDs, Derek Gehl with Insider’s Secrets and Andrew Fox with Millionaires Mega Yacht.

People are usually attracted to something they can keep, feel, touch, see or hear. Physical products can be sold for a price so much higher than it is as e-books, or downloadable software even up to even ten times!

Now the problem is, not everyone is willing to do it. You’ll need to hire the fulfillment house to do everything for you: producing the products as you want them to be, wrap them up, and prepare them for shipping. It will cost a large number of money.

The higher the price of your product, the more you will earn. It’s something really common but sometimes they just sound so common we just happen to forget about them.

John Reese for example, earned 1.08million in one day with Jeff Walker’s product launch formula selling $997 per course. $997 is a really big number, but his product is highly sought after and many people will still buy from him.

If you’re selling books on the Internet, consider changing them to files. Make them more manageable, people want to keep something and refer them from time to time, and you’ll make it easier by providing the files with a few bookmarks.

Physical product selling is very profitable – especially when it can allow you to have vacations anytime you want, anywhere you like, and the fact that it lasts long.

Always aim for furthering your business, be a credible business man or business woman, make customers glad, only in that way can you earn a great income from the Internet.

To Your Success,
Seth And Ryan

Starting An Internet Cash-Creating Business

This is your first lesson, and is the most basic thing you need to know and take action on. Let’s get started!
Before we begin, here’s the summary so you will be clear throughout everything:
• Find a product, target a specific audience.
• Once you have chosen your niche, time to find information! We’ll reveal where to get any of the information you want, very well written ones!
• Compile your information, finish your product, and then, time to get some business started. You will create your money making machine, your sales page.
• Have a domain name galore, get your website up and host it, very easy part.
• Alright, the exciting moments, accepting money!
Yes, that’s all! We will slightly tell you the story in details but don’t worry, you will surely understand everything. Here we go.

“You Can Be A Millionaire In The Next Few Minutes Doing This On The Internet!”

Ever seen them or heard of them? Of course, they are all over the Internet. In fact, a large number of us are numbed seeing the same things over and over again. Interesting part, no matter how many times people are thrown with them, they’ll still pull the money out of the pocket to give it a try.

Who knows, it might work right?

Well, it is human nature, we will search for things that can fulfill what we want every day. But hey, we’ll not put a single penny on any other business opportunities anymore, we are going to have our own delightful Internet business. Making money on the Internet is really not hard at all. People say once you get everything on “auto-pilot”, life’s a breeze. That’s very correct, now it’s your turn.

See everyday, there are people going for shopping in exclusive shops like Giordano, Hugo Boss, ZARA, Georgio Armani, Gucci and many more because they want to find beautiful clothing that satisfies themselves.

We all want to eat good food, have nice dinners in hotels, breakfasts in Dome, enjoy rich flavored brewed coffee in San Francisco Coffee Shop or Starbucks, drive nice cars, enjoy life by the beach and going for vacations around the world. We really want a lot of things!
• “I have added a lot of weight lately… must find a way to solve this problem.”
• “How can I learn to play like a professional golf player?”
• “It’s the same thing showing on TV everyday, don’t they have something special?”
Everyone is searching to solve, learn, or specialize their “wants”, and now the Internet is where people turn to when they need to seek for information.

For us, whenever we need to know about something we’ll make a search on search engines like Google, Yahoo or MSN. Why waste the time going all the way to libraries when we can search almost everything on the Internet in just a few seconds, yeah a few seconds in everything!

Here’s What Everything Is All About.

Having an Internet Business means we need to provide people with what they want. That’s it, nothing harder! Of course, you will need to sell something, a product, service, it can be almost anything, even garbage sells. Really, you can visit to see garbage being sold for 50 dollars, and someone is going to buy them for sure!

You just need to pick any niche you want, and create a product out of it. Wonder what a niche is? Consider it a topic. Again, it can be almost anything, as long as you think somebody will be interested in it, go ahead with your idea.

Nevertheless, some ideas can be slightly bad, especially the ones which are very crowded. The competition will be really high and it is harder for you to make a fortune out of your product.

It is definitely your choice. If anyone tells you that you couldn’t succeed, don’t bother. You are extremely capable of out-doing your competitors, it depends all on your will.

“Wow, this is still blind, I don’t even know any products or things I can create to be sold.”

It’s easy and you definitely know how! The difference will only be its popularity and its target audience, or in longer words, people who will buy your product. Undoubtedly, Informational Products are the best, and an informational product is what you want to sell.

Brainstorm your best niche, your best topic, or the one you feel like doing most. Do what you love and the money will follow. If you haven’t got specific ideas about what you might like to create, take a look at the following questions and suggestions:
• Do you feel especially passionate about any subjects in particular?
• Are you an expert in anything?
• Do you have hobbies or interests that you pursue regularly?
• Are you active in a sport?
• Ask your friends and family what they think you might be especially good at doing.
What have you learned from your jobs, hobbies and general life experience? What problems have you solved in the past? Brainstorm as many ideas as you can. Look at the following list. Are you knowledgeable in one or more of the following subjects?

• Accounting
• Arts and Crafts
• Auto Buying
• Auto Mechanics
• Canning
• Carpentry
• Catering
• Child
• Development
• Computers
• Coaching
• Cooking
• Dating
• Decorating
• Divorce
• Dog Training
• E-books
• E-zines
• Fitness
• Gardening
• Health and Fitness
• Home Business
• Home Buying
• Home Finances • Home Maintenance
• Home Remodeling
• Internet Business
• Makeup Application
• Marketing
• Pet Care
• Pet Grooming
• Pet Shows
• Plumbing
• Program Scripting
• Recipes
• Relationships
• Romance
• Self Improvement
• Sewing Tips
• Single Parenting
• Skin Care
• Small Appliance Repair
• Software Design
• Teenagers
• Traveling
• Web Design
• Weight Loss

Sparked any ideas from that? If you haven’t, here’s more!

• Accessories - Cosmetics/Fragrance, Handbags, Jewelry - Shoes
• Art/Photo/Music - Art, Music, Photo
• Automotive - Cars & Trucks, Motorcycles, Parts & Accessories, Rentals, Tools and Supplies
• Books/Media - Audio Books, Books, Magazines, News, Television, Videos/Movies
• Business - Business-To-Business, Marketing, Office, Productivity Tools, Travel
• Careers - Employment, Military
• Clothing/Apparel - Children's, Malls, Men's, Women's
• Commerce - Auction, Classifieds, E-commerce solutions/providers, New/Used Goods, Telephone services, Utilities
• Computer & Electronics - Computer HW, Computer Support, Computer SW, Consumer Electronics, Peripherals
• Education - Children, College, Languages, Professional
• Entertainment - Memorabilia
• Family - Babies, Children, Entertainment, Teens, Weddings
• Financial services - Banking/Trading, Credit Cards, Investment, Loans, Real Estate Services
• Food & Drinks - Gourmet, Groceries, Restaurants, Tobacco, Wine & Spirits
• Games & Toys - Electronic Toys, Games, Toys
• Gifts & Flowers - Care Packages, Collectibles, Flowers, Gifts, Greeting Cards
• Health & Beauty - Bath & Body, Cosmetics, Health Food, Nutritional
Supplements, Pharmaceuticals, Self Help, Vision Care, Wellness
• Home & Garden - Bed & Bath, Construction, Furniture, Garden, Home Appliances, Kitchen, Pets, Real Estate, Utilities
• Insurance - Commercial, Personal Insurance
• Legal - Services
• Marketing – Business-to-Business, Network Marketing
• Medical – Equipment
• Phone card Services - Online/Wireless
• Recreation & Leisure - Astrology, Betting/Gaming, Communities, Events, Matchmaking, New Age, Outdoors, Party Goods
• Shops/Malls - Virtual Malls
• Sports & Fitness - Exercise & Health, Professional Sports Organizations, Sports, Water Sports
• Travel - Accessories, Air, Car, Hotel, Luggage, Vacation
• Web Services - Advice, Banner ads, Domain Registrations, Email Marketing, Internet Service Providers, Intranets, Search Engine, Web Design, Web Hosting/Servers, Web Tools

A lot of them. There is so much you can sell on the Internet, pick one that you are more inclined to and simply start writing it. It is very important that you just take action and do it. Everything starts from there!

It doesn’t matter if it’s not fully complete, you just need to roughly “sketch” the contents, and only perfect it some time later. In a few minutes, hours, doesn’t matter at all.

Want to know whether your product is highly sought after? Here’s how you do it. You can even get ideas for creating your product from them.

There are several ways, easiest one which is by using Overture’s Free Suggestion Tool. You can also download this free software - Good Keywords, it kind of represents Overture’s Free Suggestion Tool, with less searches but more quality ones.

Other than that, you can also choose to use WordTracker – this is the free trial version, the paid one is definitely the best. The main thing about WordTracker is with a decent fee you can get to see a lot of more specific searches and information.

WordTracker works especially good for this – it shows you the number of competition, and also lets you know if you are targeting a good niche by KEI, or Keyword Effectiveness Indicator.

Keywords actually play the same role as your niche or topic. If you found a good niche, for example: learn how to play drums by ear, then your keywords would be much better, and it will be much easier to get a top ranking for search engine optimization. Now the main thing here is, we want to get less competitive keyword searches, as the big ones are being taken away by large companies most probably, it will waste a lot of time trying to compete with them. If you get a keyword with a KEI of over 200, excellent.

It’s not necessary to use these tools if you already have a niche in mind. If you have a crowded niche, then it’ll depend on yourself to out-do your competitors.

Other than these search tools, you can also have surveys in places like eBay or Amazon.

“If I have an idea, how many pages do I need, what is the price for it, and where can I find additional contents?”

It can range from 40-100 pages for a standard e-book. As for price, it’s totally your choice. Usually prices range from $20-$100. As for contents, you can find everything you want from these directories, tons of them:


Much, much more! It’s easy to find content, you can always use Google to make a search on “[subject] articles” without the quotes in order to find related articles for your theme.

You can also download Jason Potash’s free software to find articles: Orwell, download it Here!

Once you have found these articles, digest them, take a paper and a pen and write down the points. Compose a new article with these points and the content belongs to you. You see, the most important thing is not searching for contents, but to write down anything that is in your mind. If you want to change it, change it later, just list down everything in your mind and your whole informational product will be very, very easy to write.

Sometimes, you can head off to the public domains for free public domain books or electronic texts. When a work is in the public domain, it means that it is free to use, and you can use it without afraid of making copyright infringements.

At a very basic level, public domain means:

Anything that is not protected under US copyright law. This includes all works published before 1923 and under certain conditions, works published up to 1978. A ‘work’ can be anything: a book, a play, music, photographs, movies, manuals, reports, posters, etc.

You can read a more detailed report from:

People still sell them, sometimes we see them in book stores. Though these public domain books are old, many people still want them! Not to mention some are even best-selling books in their time.

If you find, re-package and sell information that has fallen into the public domain you do not have to pay royalties or copyright fees on that work. You can use the work, resell over and over again and keep 100% of the profits without paying A Single Penny in royalties or copyright fees for its use.

You can definitely start using 100% FREE public domain information as your first ‘widget’ to be sold. First, we should state clearly that there is not another business in the world that is more profitable than the ‘information business’ i.e. selling books, manuals, reports, etc...

But the biggest problem for most individuals who want to enter this enormously profitable business is that they have to either create their own information product or secure the rights to sell someone else’s product. Yes, true. For certain individuals ‘creating’ their own information product is very hard to do...they can’t write or don’t like to write, they find it difficult or impossible to even think about writing an entire book!

If you love the idea of publishing information as a business model, but you don’t want to create your own book or manual...what do you do?
Sell Public Domain Information!

There are many places where you can get public domain works, here’s a few of them:

People rather sell an electronic/digital product than a physical product, the reason’s simple:

You can save all the costs and troubles for producing a physical product and shipping it all throughout the world. If you sell an e-book, people can just download it after their purchase.

They get it fast, you save all the problems, the world’s there for you to enjoy. Seems like a dream huh, but don’t worry cause it’s not. You can achieve that easily, all you need is take actions and give a little effort every day.

To Your Success,
Seth And Ryan

How To Be A Cash-Rocket Super Affiliate

Have you heard of the term “Super Affiliate” else where? Actually, we bet you already know what it is: Super Affiliates are greater affiliates. If you don’t know what affiliate marketing is, it’s an interesting job selling other people’s products and earn commissions for yourself.

The Internet has been growing so wide and large in a short period of time, and there have been millions and millions of people trying to jump on the Internet billion-dollar market. People are starting to sort their way of beginning an online business.

Yet, it’s really a hard job to accomplish if you’re just a beginner. There are a lot to digest, but it certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t succeed with it. In fact, it is very easy.

Earning big money on the Internet is entirely possible. Here are just a few examples of successful affiliates and affiliate programs:

• Cashring – Top affiliate earns $5,000/month

• FriendFinder – Pays out more than $1,000,000 in commissions to its affiliates every month.

• Matt Haller – NPC newsletter subscriber earns $10,000/month with a hip-hop affiliate site.

• Deborah Casey – Student of the ‘Super Affiliate Handbook’ by Rosalind Gardner who earns $15,000 every month.

• Jim Cockrum – Affiliate selling the ‘Super Affiliate Handbook’ made $1000 in ONE day!

• Rosalind Gardner – She regularly earns $50,000+/month just from her affiliate marketing efforts!

• Ewen Chia – An affiliate marketer who also regularly earns more than $10,000 every month.

Now you will probably think, how can I be like them, and what should I do? The answer: meet the basic requirements for a Super Affiliate: domain name, hosting, website, and sign up for the appropriate affiliate programs.

Basically affiliate marketing is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3:
1. You join the affiliate program and place links on your site or in your newsletter.
2. Your visitor clicks that link and buys a product, service or fills out a form.
3. You earn a commission for sales or leads generated through your links.

And without a website, you can hardly sell them at all, unless you really plan on printing out flyers and distributing them to the neighborhood.

How do Super Affiliates earn a steady income and grow bigger and bigger every month? It mentions one of the most important factor, Opt-In List.

If you are going to learn one thing from this, remember that the fastest way of making money with affiliate marketing is through your own list of subscribers! If you have started building your own opt-in list, great. If not, you need to start now.

To have an opt-in list, you will need to register for an auto-responder account. The better auto-responders are Aweber and GetResponse. You will be provided with the script that can be easily copy-pasted on your web page to have an opt-in form so that people can subscribe to your list. There are so many things you can do once you have an opt-in list, some of them:

Follow-up on your affiliate sales:
You can set your auto-responder to send a newsletter/e-zine every few days to provide your subscribers with useful information, of course, integrate your affiliate link for a certain product whenever you can on the right time.

Offer time-Sensitive bonuses:
When you are selling your affiliate product, you can always include a bonus or free stuffs along, a report, an e-book, anything that suits. People who buy from you in that limited time will get the bonus you offered, a good incentive isn’t it?

Pre-selling/Back-End Selling:
You’ve probably seen this being mentioned everywhere, but really, there are too many lazy affiliates around that don’t practice it! After you sell an affiliate product to your customer, it doesn’t mean that you won’t need to bother about him/her anymore, in fact every single customer is your source of “gold mine”. Not only can they become your repeat customers but also working partners in the future!

Don’t make it sound too hard for you, for most Super Affiliates doing these become their everyday habit, as easy as breathing and they can do it anytime they want, anywhere they are. Once you have a huge opt-in list, the send button on your auto-responder will be your ever-needed money machine. When you need cash, pick a good affiliate product endorse it to your mailing list and that’s all, wake up the next day with all your affiliate earnings!

Other than your own opt-in list, you can definitely leverage on other people’s list, by purchasing solo ads from ezines or joint venturing(partnering). A solo ad is an independent, single email advertisement you can buy in ezines and they normally allow up to 300-600 words for your ad copy.

Joint venturing although doesn’t seem as appropriate because you don’t have your own product to be offered as an affiliate marketer, you can definitely have an ad-swap with other Internet Marketers, which is to endorse each other’s solo ad to your own subscribers. If there is a huge difference between the numbers of opt-ins, you just need to endorse the solo ad of the other Internet Marketer a few more times, until both of you are equal.

When there is time, focus more on creating websites to endorse the other affiliate programs and build your list. It’s just that simple, a concept which is repeated over and over again, and grow more and more each day. Successful affiliates work harder and smarter, while broke affiliates hardly work at all.

The Super Affiliate:
• Have their own domain names, hosting and websites!
• Carefully selects great products to promote.
• Consistently chooses to promote products which pays high commissions, or those which have a higher price.
• Knows the value of building highly targeted and highly responsive opt-in lists.
• Focus on improving and maximizing the activity/efficiency of each affiliate sale/campaign before thinking of moving to the next one.
• Find multiple affiliate programs to build multiple streams of income.
• Consistently work hard for more traffic and sales, while lowering any other costs of advertising.

There are a lot of places for you to find great affiliate products you can sell, here’s a few of them:

You can easily exceed the other 98% of affiliates and become the 2% of Super Affiliates that are responsible for more than 80% of the sales for an affiliated product or program, once you have gained your momentum, it really is as easy as breathing!

To Your Success,

Seth And Ryan